Report your card lost or stolen

Voice over: Reporting your card lost or stolen is easy and secure with a U.S. Bank mobile app.

Describer: Smartphone showing the home screen of the U.S. Bank app. Welcome message showing balances of two checking accounts and the total balance. Audio assistant option. In the top left corner, three horizontal lines to indicate a menu

Voice over: First, open the main menu in the upper left corner, and select manage cards.

Describer: Third menu option from the bottom of the list

Voice over: Choose the card you'd like to report,

Describer: Shows images of cards as well as associated account names

Voice over: and tap lost or stolen card. When you're ready, tap let's begin.

Describer: Large button at the bottom of the screen

Voice over: First, review your recent transactions for anything suspicious.

Describer: List of transactions with charges aligned on the right margin. Can be scrolled down

Voice over: If something doesn't look right, it's easy to let us know. Next, tell us when your card went missing.

Describer: Date selector

Voice over: Then all that's left is to review and confirm the details.

Describer: Large button at the bottom of the screen, reading, Done

Voice over: That's it. We'll deactivate the reported card, and send you a replacement immediately.

Describer: Card in envelope

Voice over: It's just another way the U.S. Bank mobile app makes it easy to keep your account secure.

Describer: Text, U.S. Bank. Available on the Apple App Store. Get it on Google Play