Take a tour of online banking

Voice over: [MUSIC PLAYING]

Describer: Text. A better way to bank online.

Voice over: We're giving online banking a whole new look because we know that meeting your financial goals is about more than your current balance.

Describer: A laptop, tablet and phone. Text. Meet your goals. Find what you need.

Voice over: But finding what you need should be a cinch.

Describer: The landing page of U.S. Bank. On the left, several accounts are listed, each box outlined in blue.

Voice over: See your accounts and recent activity at a glance with notifications to keep you informed,

Describer: Three larger boxes in the center are outlined. Spend tracker, Recent Transactions, Credit Score.

Voice over: or go deeper with powerful new ways to track your spending and keep an eye on your credit score.

Describer: Two boxes on the right are outlined. Travel Expense Summary. Simplify your Finances.

Voice over: Plus, get special insights and offers picked just for you that can get you that much closer to your goals. And if you run into questions, we've got you covered.

Describer: A box at the bottom says, How can we help you? and has a large question mark.

Voice over: Find help or schedule a one-on-one appointment with a banker.

Describer: Text, Take Action. Four small round icons are on the top left. Transfer funds, pay bills, send money, add account.

Voice over: When you're ready to take action, find quick tools to pay bills, send money, and more. Select an account for more details

Describer: Chooses the top account listed on the left under Checking and Savings. A new page opens with an account overview.

Voice over: and get a clear look at all of your recent activity.

Describer: Recent activity is listed below the overview.

Voice over: It's easy to scan, filter, or search

Describer: Options for Date, Descriptions, Credits, and Charges.

Voice over: and find even more details about your recent transactions.

Describer: A transaction is selected. Transaction info opens with merchant info, including a map and website.

Voice over: When it's time to get something done, find do-it-yourself tools to manage your account, stop a payment, reset your PIN, and more.

Describer: Left side menu.

Voice over: From your big picture to your all-important details on any device, it's all here and easier than ever to find.

Describer: Logo, U.S. Bank. US Bank.com. Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member F.D.I.C.. Copyright 2020 U.S. Bank