Learn about your privacy

Describer: A cell phone with a lock behind it. The cell phone has a profile picture on it that changes to a finger print. Text, privacy and security, Secure banking from anywhere.

Voice over: We're serious about security. Every day, we work to ensure the app is the easiest way to bank from anywhere and the most secure.

Describer: A bank with documents and credit cards behind it.

Voice over: To start, we collect only the information we need to provide the services you use. And we never share it without your permission.

Describer: A safe door locks. The safe appears among clouds.

Voice over: All sensitive data is sent using advanced encryption technology and stored on our secure network, not on your phone, to ensure your privacy.

Describer: The safe in the clouds communicates with the cellphone.

Voice over: Plus the app includes key features designed to protect your accounts from unauthorized access and fraudsters, including simple password and pin management, and instant locking and unlocking of your debit and credit cards.

Describer: On the app, a red button locks and unlocks credit cards.

Voice over: Review our privacy policy at any time in the Main menu. And you'll find that the U.S. Bank Mobile app puts your privacy and security first.

Describer: A car drives along a city street.

Voice over: So log in from anywhere with confidence knowing you and your money are safe.

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