Get secure live guidance with cobrowse.

Describer: Text, Co-browse. Get step-by-step Live guidance on the mobile app or online banking.

Voice over: With cobrowse, it's easier than ever to get secure live guidance and help, whether you're on the mobile app or Next time you need help, ask your banker to start a cobrowse session.

Describer: Accept the invitation to get started. A window pops up that reads Start co-browsing. Would you like to share your browser with your representative?

Voice over: A small window will appear where you can accept the invitation to get started. With live guidance, we'll be able to see everything you see on or the mobile app to offer help and answer your questions. Plus, you'll see your banker with live video.

Describer: Another window pops up with the text Stop co-browse. Co-browse enables secure customer support on our web pages and can be ended any time

Voice over: Your banker will be able to guide you through the process and highlight key items. But you'll be in full control to move the process forward or end the cobrowse session whenever you'd like.

Describer: Text, Your banker, scroll and indicate key items, highlight areas of interest. You, click to move forward, navigate between pages, end the session.

Voice over: When you're ready to end the session, just select Stop cobrowse. So the next time you need some extra help while at home or on the go, ask your banker about live guidance with cobrowse.

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