Find help when you need it.

Voice over: [MUSIC PLAYING]

Describer: Text, Get help when you need it. A smartphone pops up. The screen says, "Welcome back, Pat," and shows balances and a help screen.

Voice over: Need help? We've got you covered with easy-to-find assistance whenever you need it.

Describer: A speech bubble with a question mark is in the top right-hand corner of the phone's screen.

Voice over: Look for the Help icon in the upper right corner. It's there on nearly every screen.

Describer: The cursor bubble moves over to tap the Help icon. A Help screen pops up with a search bar and text, Get more information about; and a Guided Help section. Text, Get help with whatever you're doing.

Voice over: When you tap it, we'll automatically suggest topics related to whatever you're currently doing, from making a check deposit to opening a new account.

Describer: The cursor hovers over the search bar and clicks. A new screen opens reading, Hi, Pat. Welcome to guided help for making a mobile check deposit. Text, Or, search for something else. Guided help will walk you through each step.

Voice over: If the suggested topics aren't a fit, it's easy to search for something else or go step-by-step with Guided Help.

Describer: Text, Find our full help center in the main menu, tap Help and Services.

Voice over: Still need something? Open the main menu in the upper left corner and select Help and Services.

Describer: A new screen scrolls down and reads, How can we help you? COVID-19 assistance, Mobile App Help Credit Health, Account Services.

Voice over: From there, you'll have access to our full Help Center. Whatever you need, the U.S. Bank Mobile app is here to help.

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